1. 21:20 1st Sep 2014

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    Took the boy out to breakfast, then he took me to Clovis for archery! I wore a purple shirt and he called me shootybird it was great. I suck but not as bad as he does. Then a bookstore and california pizza kitchen :))))) and we got a big bone for lilydog and she’s very happy and we’re all very happy

    What a good day

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Good morning America~


    Good morning America~

  3. 15:38 31st Aug 2014

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    agents of shield meme: four characters [1/4]: agent melinda may

    if i need a gun, i’ll take one.

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    Cutest german shepherd puppies EVER!

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    I never wear clothes to bed except when there’s company and his best friend is staying over tonight so I busted out my old ratty pjs and the boyfriend walked in while I was reading in bed with clothes on and got an instaboner and we both just looked at it for a little while

    he’s so confused but he’s all excited about it

    'Why is it so hot???????? I'm gonna wear clothes to bed TOO it'll be an EXPERIMENT!'

    Boys are strange

    Clothed spooning is kind of novel though. Much less sweaty.

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  9. dabhug said: If it matters, I wasn’t spoiled and I didn’t like his smarmy face and his obnoxiousness, either. It’s like my subconscious knew he was evil all along.

    plus one for your impeccable instincts, they are A+

  10. gross people are gross. go away gross people why do i have to deal with you. no.

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    Have you heard of the mystery of the sailing stones? It’s not a Hardy Boys novel — it’s the strange phenomenon of rocks leaving zig-zagging tracks across Death Valley.

    Well, they solved the mystery at last.

    Image: Momatiuk - Eastcott/Corbis / Video: Jim Norris

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    i’ve been spoiled for agents of shield by my dash and so i know about ward and so i figured i would hate him going in and i do, after the first episode i definitely don’t like him, but i don’t know how much of that is me knowing what he is and how much is the fact that he’s just in general a jerk. i want to have faith in myself that i would have not appreciated his general obnoxiousness despite the whole hydra thing but now i’ll never know

  13. ifmusicisthevictim:

    Omg buy from me please!

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    one of my favorite things about the boyfriend is that he hates people who cheat on other people as vehemently as i do so we view cheating characters/people with the same amount of judgement flavored vitriol even when they’re the protags and the narrative tries to excuse it