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    seasonal fashion according to me

    god i hate summer

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    every once on a while i think to myself, ‘i’m gonna grow my hair out super long, but i’m gonna keep it up in buns and stuff and not let anyone know how magically long it’s getting until i take it down one day and let it cascade down my back in gorgeous tousled curls to everyone’s amazement’

    but then i put my hair up and look in the mirror and remember how unfortunately my head is shaped and let it down again 

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    come with me

    and you’ll be

    in a world

    of image

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  7. SZA though

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    SZA Ft Isaiah Rashad - Warm Winds

    First off, this is one sexy song.  The video feels like a dream of a found tape.  Surreal and beautiful, a perfect match.  And I bet it cost almost nothing to make.

    Directed by SZA & APLUS FILMZ.  Outstanding work.

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    1. Nephew: Star Wars was in Captain America's list of things to see right? Is he going to watch all six? He's going to find out that Nick Fury is a Jedi.
  10. i had a dream where i accidentally followed an evil food blog

    posts with a picture and a recipe link underneath, but the picture would be of like, orange chicken, and the recipe link text would say something about caramel brownies, and then it would link to a recipe for clam chowder or something

    even now my mouth tastes gross just thinking about it

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    Anonymous asked: It should amaze me, but it doesn't Because Glee, that one week after would-be killers hit Kurt in the face with a brick, the choreography had Blaine aiming multiple strikes at Kurt's covered-and-uncovered head.


    i was thinking about actually watching but i’ll just stick to glimpsing shirtless gifs

    assault tw

  12. manningstar:


    Okay, I’ve been waiting for this gifset. I am high on pain meds and I have about ten million feelings to talk about in this episode, but I want to point to the bottom left gif. See that second? That’s not just anger. That’s a nano second of sadness , or something like that. That at the end? That looks like “I don’t get it.”

    yeah he’s pissed at the top. And he’s competitive. And there’s something under the whole thing they both feel coming to a head here. But I want to say, Kudos to Chris because he can act the shit out of the bat of an eyelash AND yes, these boys are complicated and I feel like there’s a lot of reductive talk on tumblr right now about how they behaved. It’s possible to feel a lot of things at once and it’s imperative that we have empathy and applause for complicated, fucked up, wonderful characters who love each other and have a lot to learn.

    I should probably not rant when high. Especially when I’m not really explaining all my episode feels.

    This is a lovely study of this gif set and scene. Yes, this captures wonderfully both Kurt’s complex feelings in this scene and Chris’ amazing acting abilities.

    as someone who has had the shit kicked out of them, if a few weeks later my significant other had gotten so jealous of things finally going more right for me than they were for him that he tried to beat me up with a sword but wasn’t good enough to actually beat me up with a sword, my fight or flight would have kicked in, and i would have whapped him a few times, too.

    and then i would have informed him that we were over for ever and always, because jealousy isn’t an excuse for anything, especially trying to hurt someone. then i would have let the flight kick in and run away and taken a shower and hidden under the covers for a month because apparently no one in the world would ever think i was precious enough to not try to hurt

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    just scrolled past a picture of the falcon flying while colfer’s version of defying gravity was playing and now i want a whole music video